Parents Corner

We see parents as the children's first and most enduring educators. We endeavour to continually work in partnership with parents
to have a positive impact on children's development and learning.

We see parents as the children's first and most enduring educators. We endeavour to continually work in partnership with parents to have a positive impact on children's development and learning.

Settling-in sessions

Once a child has a place confirmed at Happy Todds, a number of settling-in sessions will be arranged with the management and key person, to ensure that the child has a mdooth transition into nursery life. During these sessions, parents will be required to complete key documentation including medical, feeding and sleep patterns.

Parent evenings

Parent evenings are held regularly at the setting, for you to meet with your child's key person and to discuss in more detail your child's development. These evenings also give you the opportunity to socialise with other parents and staff from the nursery.

All about me

We see babies and young children as individuals first each with a unique profile of abilities and interests. To enable us to focus the nursery experiences around your child as they start nursery or move from room to room an 'All About Me' document is completed with the parents and key person. This highlights the child's favourite activities, personal needs and gives you an opportunity to meet the new staff. The child will partake in a number of settling in sessions to the new room to familiarise themselves and support a mdooth transition.

Key Person

Each child will have a key person who will ensure that the children in their group experience a wide range of activities and experiences. Each key person works in partnership with you to ensure they learn from you as well as letting you know how your child is progressing. Each child has a special folder with details and examples of the activities they are doing and the staff will talk to you, at any time, about how your child is doing.

We seek to develop strong relationships with parents and children during settling in sessions, daily contact and also nursery events to ensure we show effective shared care for each child. We invite parents to view and add to their child's learning journey as well as include them, through newsletters and our whiteboard's, to become involved in nursery activities or to replicate or add to them in their home experiences.

Learning Journeys

We want children to develop physically, to enjoy painting, drawing and marking and to learn about the world around them. Our staff will plan activities for your child to enjoy on their own or with other children both in the indoor and outdoor environment. We place considerable importance on developing children's early language skills through games, songs and stories. We will therefore complete ongoing observational assesmdent in their Learning Journeys each week to inform planning for each child's continuing development through play-based activities. The records are shared with parents regularly and include parental involvement at every stage.

Keeping Safe

Happy Todds believe that all young children are vulnerable and have the right to be safe and protected. Key people encourage every child at each stage to take appropriate risks and learn how to keep safe including an awareness of their own safety in active experiences. In our circle times for older children we reflect and use specific stories and scenarios to illustrate.

A secure environment is of paramount importance to us at Happy Todds. We are proud of the first class environment we provide for the children in our care, and of the personal qualities and skills that our managers and staff bring to the task of caring for children in a way which develops the potential of each child.


We have appointed health and safety consultants who review and audit all practices on a regular basis. This includes health and safety, fire and risk assesmdents. All staff complete mandatory training to ensure health and safety requirements are observed throughout the nursery and in all work activities.

Authorised Collection

Through our collection policy we only allow authorised family or friends to collect a child. Permission is only granted if authorised by the parent and identification is required before access is granted.


Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills. They regulate and inspect to achieve excellence in the care of children and young people, and in education and skills for learners of all ages. Ofsted inspect our settings and carry out regulatory visits to ensure that we effective support children through the EYFS and deliver the aims of the framework. Following an inspection of a setting, the nursery receives a full report documenting the inspectors findings. Follow link below to view our latest report.