About us

The Clubhouse is an independent nursery for 3 months old to 5 year olds. Our staffs are all experienced Nursery nurses who believes every child matters and must lead in other to get the best out of them. All our staff are qualified practitioners who bring with them a wealth of knowledge and continue to develop their skills through regular and pratical trainings.

At the Clubhouse We believe in the natural ethos that the closer to nature children are, the happier they will be and therefore the more likely they are to learn. We are surrounded by beautiful greenery, birds tweeting and trees clapping their hands. This offers a unique outdoor experience, all round education and whole bucket load of fun to every child from all works of life. This also offers a unique way of building confidence, boosting self esteem, learning new life skills and promoting independence through hands on learning experiences both in and out of the nursery.

This approach to care in our nurseries, and the focus on individuals through training, has helped us to achieve the ‘Good' outcome awarded by OFSTED for the sector on our first nursery in Northolt. We are convinced it’s only a matter of time till we earn the OUTSTANDING award.

Finally we consider it to be essential that we work in partnership with you, as the parent of your child and hope that we can demonstrate our approach by showing you our nursery.

Our Vision is to reach and influence the children in our care by building and having a large heart towards every child and staff, regardless of their colour, creed, race and gender, to love, care and lead them, helping them to make right choices, having a sharing and caring mindset to one another. Empowering them to love, learn, lead and impact their world in every sphere of life.