Young children need nourishing food and plenty of water if they are to receive the energy they need to grow and learn. A varied diet will provide all of the nutrients a young child requires. Our staff team sit with the children during meals and encourage a good appetite, manners and a flow of conversation.

We prepare fresh meals every day. Our menus are designed to encourage eating different coloured fruit and vegetables each day to promote healthy eating. Our menus prove to be a great success with parents, cooks and of course the children.

At Happy Todds we have a 3 stage weaning programme designed to meet the needs of the baby and in line with Government guidelines on weaning. First we introduce the baby to a variety of pureed fruit and vegetables. Then we move onto introducing meat, fish and a lumpier texture and finally the child moves to a varied diet at stage 3 from approximately 12 months.

We understand that many children suffer from intolerances and allergies to certain foods or have dietary restriction based on religious requirements. We are able to accommodate these needs through a comprehensive special diet procedure ensuring that we take every precaution possible.